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Customizing Theme Options

The theme option is the section which changes most of the home page features and consists of the following section:

Go to Appearance -> Customize -> Theme Options 

  1. General Options
  2. Slider Options
  3. Service Options
  4. Portfolio Options
  5. Home Blog Options
  6. Social Options
  7. Call to action Options
  8. Footer Options

General Options

  • Front page option is for theme’s designed homepage if an unchecked regular listing of the post(similar to blog page) will appear as the front page.
  • By default, Optimizer displays Site Title as a logo. However, if you want, you can upload an upload image logo too. Follow below steps to set up an image logo.
    1. Click on Select Image to upload your logo image
    2. Click on Save & Publish
  • Set the width and height of the Logo as per required. If left empty, auto width and height will be taken for Logo Image

Slider Options

It consists of an option to put 3 images in the slider.

There are five options for each image.

  • Slider image is to add or remove the image.
  • Slider title is for respective slide’s title.
  • Slider description is for the respective slide’s description.
  • Slider button is to change the button text.
  • Slider button link is to set the link after the click of the button

Service Options

Home service title changes the title for Service block.

Consists of 4 blocks of services with its individual details.

  • Service title and text are for the title and description of the respective service.
  • The service icon can be changed by inserting the icon name from the font-awesome link given above service icon field and adding it in the field.

Portfolio Options

  • The Portfolio block can be shown or hidden by ‘Enable Portfolio on Home’ option.
  • The Portfolio heading displays the title of the portfolio block.
  • Images can be added or removed in Portfolio Image.
  • Each portfolio images text can be changed by changing in portfolio title.
  • The link to be displayed must be kept in portfolio link.

Home Blog Options

  • To show the blog posts ‘Show Blog Posts’ must be checked.
  • The blog section title can be changed by changing ‘home blog title’.

Social Options

  • ‘Enable social media icons in the header’ option is to hide or show the social icons, number, and email in the header.
  • Similarly, the ‘Enable social media icons in the footer’ option is to hide or show the social icons in the footer.
  • The ’email id’ and ‘phone number’ fields are to display in the header as well as email or call on the respective email id or phone number on click.
  • The ‘twitter’,’facebook’,Google+’, youtube’,’Instagram’ fields are to put the respective links in order to be displayed while clicking on the icons.

Call to action Options

  • ‘Enable CTA on Home Page ‘ hides or shows the CTA block.
  • The top, middle and bottom option under CTA location on the homepage changes the display position of the CTA block.
    • The top option shows it above portfolio block.
    • Middle shows it above the blog and bottom displays under the blog.
    • By default, the bottom option is selected.
  • Change the title from ‘footer callout title’.
  • Button text to be changed from ‘footer callout button text’.
  • The link to the desired feature can be kept in the ‘footer callout button link’.

Footer Options

  • The text displayed in the footer and the link to where it should go on click can be changed in footer options.





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