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Customizing Theme Options

Configure customizer options in Customize on admin sidebar.

Or you can choose customizer option from Appearance Menu in the dashboard.

The First Section is Site Title, Tagline, and Logo

Set title, tagline, site-icon and logo from this section as per your requirement.

The second section is Layout and Design

Under layout and design section, there are three sub-options:

  • Choose Theme Color
  • Sidebar Position
  • Search.

  • Choose Theme Color:

Choose the color for your site (theme) among 6 colors as per your selection.

    • Sidebar Position:

You can choose sidebar position for single, archive, category page.

    • Search:

You can choose whether to display search in header or not.

The third section is Hero Section

a. This section is the section below the header which shows the three latest posts from the category you choose.

The fourth section is the Highlights section, where you can choose a category.

a. All posts from the chosen category will be shown up as sliders.

b. If posts are assigned to more than one category, categories name will be randomly shown in the posts.

The fifth section is “What’s Hot? Section” which will allow choosing a category from which 5 latest posts will be shown.

a. The first latest post will be shown up in large section whereas another second, third, fourth and fifth latest posts will be shown up in small sections.

The sixth section is “Category Section” where you are allowed to choose 4 different categories. There’ll be 4 blocks if you choose all four categories, 3 blocks if you choose three and so on. On each block, there will be shown three latest posts of the chosen category, the first latest post on the large section and rest two on small sections.

The Category section in the homepage will look like this,

The seventh section is “Contact Page” where it allows you to add an iframe of google map if you wish to show the map in your contact page.

The eighth section is “Author Description” where it gives you an option to choose whether to show author description in single posts or not.

The ninth section is “Social Media Settings” where you can add various social networking sites’ links which will be displayed in the header.

a. If you don’t need any of the social icons to be visible in front-end then simply leave the field empty

The tenth section is footer settings for the site where you can add site copyright.


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