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Creating a Custom Homepage

To make your site’s homepage look like exactly like our demo,

Step 1: Open Backend. Go to Page, Click on Add New.

Step 2: Enter the title (example: “Homepage”).On the right sidebar, you can find Page Attributes, On Template please Select on Home Template.

Step 3: City

Step 3: Click on Publish and continue the other steps described below.

Customizing the homepage as the demo image,

After Successful creation of the page, Click on View Page Located at the top bar.

Now you may have the homepage as below screenshot. If not then don’t worry there may be other settings to configure. You can surely find in the documentation.

Now you need to configure homepage as the default page. So, please go to settings > readings. Choose “A static page” and choose “Homepage” as FrontPage. If you want to show blog posts then create a page called “blog” and assign it to the blog page.

If the homepage is missing some sections like feature Widgets, Courses, footer sections then they need to be configured through the customizer setting which is described below one by one. Please go through the documentation.

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