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Customizing Theme Options

Theme options is the essential option for the theme. It generally contains all settings because of its 8 Options.

And the theme options are:

  • General Options
  • Layout Options
  • Slider Option
  • Products Categories
  • Recent Products
  • Featured Products
  • Contact Page Option
  • Social Icons

The screenshot for theme options:

General Options

From General Options, you can hide social icons from top and bottom of the homepage or Reset all the default settings.

Layout Options

To set Layout Options.

  • Go to Theme Options and select Layout Options.
  • Select Show Meta as Meta for Blog Page and Full-Width Layout in Design Layout.

Slider Options

For Slider Options, First, go to Theme Options. Then you will see Slider Options on the very first.

*You cannot add more than 4 Page Slider

To create new slider Page

  • Go to dashboard
  • Select page > Add new page
  • Then slider title > Slider Description
  • Publish

Product Categories

  • Click Theme Options and go to Product Categories.
  • Set Section Title
  • Select Product that you can to feature in FrontPage.

In order to add product categories, you need to go Admin Dashboard.

  • Go to admin dashboard> Products> Categories>Add new Category
  •  Enter Product category Name
  • Add slug
  • Select Parent type, description, and Display type if necessary
  • Add thumbnail
  • Click Add New Category.

To add new products.

Again go to Dashboard>Products>Add New

  • Enter the Product Name
  • Add Description
  • Enlist your Product into relevant categories
  • Set the price of your product
  • Add short Description
  • Then Set Product Image and Product Gallery Image
  • Click Publish.

You can follow the steps shown in Figure 1 and 2.

After setting whole set up this is what it looks like,

Featured Products

How to Feature your products?

To feature your products, you need to go Backend > Products

Click on “Star” icon

How to call for “Sale” in your product?

First, go to admin Dashboard > Select products. Pick the products that you want to put on sale.

Then go to Product data. Put your sale price. You can add countdown timer also. Click Schedule for it and fill out the date. (Remember that sale price is always lower than regular price)

Recent Products

This section shows the recently added products.

Social Icons

If you want to display a social icon in the Social Icon Section of your homepage. Then go to Theme Options >Social Icon.  Add URL of your Page’s social site.

Contact Page Options

For Contact Us Page Options, Go to Customize then select Contact Us Page Options. There you can add Address, Phone Number Skype Id, and Email.

To create the Contact Page.

  • Go to Admin Dashboard.
  • Select Pages
  • Add new page
  • Give Title and Description
  •  Create Contact Template as Template and Set Feature Image as you prefer.
  •  Click Publish.

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