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Customizing Theme Options

The demo of the front page can be further divided into following sections. You should navigate to Appearance > Customizer > Theme Options and find the similar settings for the sections listed below.

Theme Options

Theme options is the essential option for the theme. It generally contains the homepage all settings.

The screenshot for theme options:

Theme options contain 14 settings for the homepage which need to be adjusted in order to make a demo website. Below is the explanation one by one.

1. General Options

General Options consists of settings for the sidebar and removing the default values of the customizer data.

To reset the value of customizer:

Step 1: Click on Reset all default settings. (Refresh it to view the effect).

Step 2: Reload the page and all the customizer data will be removed to default values.

To change body layout:

Step 1: Choose the layout either Full Width or Boxed Layout.

Step 2: View the Live change and click on publish to save the layout.

To change Menu Skin Color:

Step 1: Choose either Dark Skin or Light Skin.

Step 2: Dark Skin makes the header go black color and light skin makes white color header.

To change the sidebar layout:

Step 1: Choose any sidebar layout (Right, No or Left sidebar).

Step 2: View with live change and click on Publish.

2. Social Icons

Social Icons are displayed on the header section in the top left corner.

  • How to display social icons?

Step 1: Click on Show Social Icons.

Step 2: Provide all the links and click on publish.

3. Header Phone And Email

Header Phone and email contain Support Title, Support Phone, Support Email and Support Icons.

Steps: Enter all the details. For icons, you can choose anyone from the link Links.

4. Banner Options

Banner section has two options:

  • Single image banner 

For single image banner you just need to insert the title, description, add image, button text and link.

  • Slider Banner

Step 1: First install the plugin Code Themes Essentials. And Now Banner Post Type will be seen on the backend.

Step 2: Click on Slider. And click on Add New Slider.

Step 3: Fill Banner Extra Settings Options. E.g. Enter Banner short descriptions, Button Title, Button Link, and Image. And Click on Publish.

Now Go To Customizer Options > Banner Options. Click on Slider Banner and click on publish.

5. Top Call Out Options

Digi Store Pro Supports top call out sections with two different options. Either to choose product categories or custom callouts.

  • Product Categories:

For, Product Categories below are the steps:

Step 1: Install and activate WooCommerce plugin.

Step 2: Create a category of products. Go To Backend > Products > Categories.

Step 3: Enter Name, Slug, Description, Thumbnail and click on add new category.

Step 4: Now Create Product. Go To Backend > Products > Add New.

Step 5: Enter the details like title, description, Product information and click on any categories the product falls in. Categories are located in the left sidebar below the publish button.

  • Display Custom Callouts:

Step 1: Go To customizer > Theme Options > Top Call out Section.

Step 2: Choose Display custom callouts.

Step 3: Enter Title, Subtitle, Image, Button Text, and link.

Step 4: View the live change and click on publish.

6. Bottom Call Out Options

For Bottom Call Out Section below are the steps.

Step 1: Click on Show the bottom call out in homepage.

Step 2: Enter Title, Short Description, Link/Url, Icons. And click on publish.

7. Simple Product Listing Section

For Simple Product Listing Section below are the steps.

Step 1: Click on Show Product Listing Section in homepage.

Step 2: Enter Section Title, Add Image with recommended size.

Step 3: Select the product drop-down as you need and click on publish.

8. Product Listing With Tab Section

For Product Listing with Tab Section below are the steps.

Step 1: Click on Show Product Listing Section on homepage.

Step 2: Enter Section Title, Add Image with recommended size.

Step 3: For this section, product category should be created. For creating product category please view Top Call Out Section.

Step 4: Select the product category as you need and click on publish.

9. Ads Section

Step 1: Add Image with recommended size.

Step 2: Enter Link. And click on Publish.

10. 8 Product Slider Section

Step 1: Click on Show Product Slider In Homepage?

Step 2: Enter Title and Select Category to be shown in the slider.

Step 3: To create category please view Top Call Out Section.

11. Product Categories Slider Section

All the product categories created can be displayed in this section.

Steps: Enter the Section Title and Button Text.

12. Clients Options

Step 1: Install and activate code themes essentials. After activation clients, post type can be seen on a dashboard.

Step 2: Click on Clients > Add new clients.

Step 3: Enter Title, Image, and Add Link (located in the right sidebar below publish button).

Step 4: Click on Publish.

Step 5: Now go to customizer > Theme Options > Clients Options.

Step 6: Enable Show clients section in homepage.

Step 7: Enter No. of Clients and click on Publish.

13. Footer Options

Step 1: Enable show pre-footer section in homepage.

Step 2: Enter Footer Text, Developed By Text, Developed By Link and Footer Image.

Step 3: Click on Publish.

14. Subscribe Section

Subscribe section requires Easy Peasy Mailchimp plugin. First needs to install and activate the plugin.

Step 1: Enter title, Subscribe description, Subscribe Placeholder Text, Subscribe Button Text.

Step 2: Click on Publish and view the change.

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