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Customizing Theme Options

Theme options is the essential option for the theme.

Go to Appearance>Customize>Theme options

Further, it has further 6 options.

  • General Options
  • Slider Options
  • About Us Options
  • Call Out Options
  • CTA Section
  • Blog Options

The screenshot for theme options

Theme options contain 6 settings for the theme which need to be adjusted in order to make a demo website. It is explained below one by one.

General Options

First go to Theme Options, on the top of you will general options. Click on it it will further show three options.

  • Show / Hide Sidebar:- It allows to hide and show sidebar in single page/ Archive.

Below is the screenshot:

Go to any page.

Show Sidebar

Hide Sidebar

You have to add sidebar from the backend. 

Go to dashbord>apperance>widgets

Then drag and drop the desired widgets from the available widgets to the Right Sidebar. Then you can edit each sidebar and add a title, numbers of posts etc.

For editing,

  • Meta for blog page: –  This is for hiding and showing Meta in Blog page.

Go to any blog page,

Show Meta

Hide Meta

Full Width Layout:- 

Boxed Layout

Slider Options:

For Slider option first, go Theme options. Click on Slider options.

You can select three sliders to add to your homepage.

To create new slider Page

  • Go to dashboard
  • Select page> Add new page
  • Then slider title>Slider Description
  • Publish

Then Go to Appearance>Customize>Theme options>Slider Options then select the slider page you have just create and assign it to Page Slider 1, 2 or 3.

About us options

This option lets you see the About us page in from the page.

Go to Dashboard>page>add new page>enter title, description, feature image and click image. 

Now go appearance>customize>theme option>about us options>Assign the page you have just created and click publish. 

Call Out Options

This options lets you add more information, services, highlight the quotes and so on.

To add Call Out Options:-

  • Go to Dashbord>page>Add new page
  • Then Add Title, description and click publish. 

** Note:- you can add only 3 pages in the callout section.

Now go appearance>customize>theme option>call out options>Assign the page you have just created and click publish. 

CTA Section

Go to appearance>customize>theme options>CTA Section. Then add section title, description, button title, link, and background image and click publish. 

Blog Options

First, create a page, add title, description and click publish. 

hen appearance>customize>theme options>blog options. Then select the page you have just created for blog title and description. Click Publish.




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