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Customizing Theme Options

The demo of the front page can be further divided into the following sections. You should navigate to Appearance > Customizer > Theme Options and find the similar settings for the sections listed below.

Theme Options are the essential option for the theme. It contains the following options as well:-

*Note:- You will get Header Options, Typography, and Pre Footer Widget after Installing and Activating Lay Out Pro Plugin. 


From Header Options, you can select 6 different Header layouts for now. (More are coming soon). Likewise, you can Show/Hide Add Image / Video Background, Make Menu Transparent, Make Sticky Menu as well.

For eg, If you select any one Header Layouts, it appears like this,


From General Options, you can Show/Hide Sidebar and Meta for the blog page. Similarly, you can either select Full-Width Layout or Or Boxed Design Layout.

  • Show / Hide Sidebar:- It allows to hide and show the sidebar in single page/ Archive.

But first, you need to create a sidebar from backend then only you can hide/show the sidebar in single or archive page.

You have to add sidebar from the backend. 

Go to dashbord>apperance>widgets

Then drag and drop the desired widgets from the available widgets to the Right Sidebar. Then you can edit each sidebar and add title, numbers of posts etc.

For editing click on each sidebar and start adding the required information.

  • Meta for blog page: –  This is for hiding and showing Meta in the Blog page.
  • Design Layout:- With these options you can choose either select Full-Width Layout and Boxed Layout.


For Slider option first, go Theme options. Click on Slider options.

You can select three sliders to add to your homepage.

First of all, you need to create a slider from the Dashboard

  • Go to Dashboard, then Page, then Add a new page
  • Add title, Description and Featured Image
  • Click Publish

  • Then go to Appearace>Customize>Theme options and Slider Options
  • There you will see page slider 1, 2 and 3. Click it, show the page you have just create and select it and click publish.
  • You Slider appears on the home page of your website.

It appears like this,

You can also create a slider using WP custom post types and Elementor Add-ons. (You need you to install and activate WP Custom Post type and Elementor Add-ons for WPCPT)


  • Go to Dashboard>Slider>Add New slider 
  • Add title, description and featured image
  • Click Publish

Then go to Elementor,

Go to the Page, then click edit to the Homepage that you have assigned earlier. After that select Edit with Elementor.

  •  Simple Drag and Drop the Slider from WPCPT Elements. 
  • Select number of the slides and then it will show the sliders you have just created from the slider from the dashboard.


First, create an about us page from the dashboard>page add new page>add Title, description, image and click publish, then go to appearance>customizer>Theme Options.

Then select the page you have just create and assign it to Choose About Us Page.


First, create an about us page from the dashboard>page add new page>add Title, description, image and click publish, then go to appearance>customizer>Theme Options. Then add title, subtitle, and select the page you have just created. 



Add title, description, title, link, and Background.

It appears like this,


`Create a page from backend then assign it over here.


First, you need to create a page from Case Study and Attorney.

First, go to dashboard>Course>Add New Case Study then add a title, description, featured image and click publish. 

After that, you need to create a form. ** For that you must install and activate WeForms plugin.

Then go to weForms and click Add New Form, Then select the desired form

Let’s say you picked, Contact form. There you can see shortcodes, copy it and paste it in Portfolio Form Shortcode. 

Now go to apperaance>customize>theme options> single page options

It appears like this one single page,

Repeat the same process for Team Form shortcode as well. The only difference is you need to create a Team from the Attorney. After that, all process is the same.


With the help of this option, you can change the font of the Title and Body. Click on the arrow and select the one you prefer.

From these options, you can show/hide pre footer widgets on the homepage. And also choose the widget column.


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