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Customizing Theme Options

The demo of the front page can be further divided into following sections. You should navigate to Appearance > Customizer > Theme Options and find the similar settings for the sections listed below.

Theme Options are the essential option for the theme. Further, it has Options.

Theme options For Pasal eCommerce Premium are:- 

  • Header Options
  • General Options
  • Slider Options
  • Recent Section
  • CTA Section
  • Featured Section
  • Blog Options
  • Product Categories
  • Typography
  • Pre Footer Widget

*Note:- You will get Header Options, Typography and Pre Footer Widget in Pasal eCommerce Pro only and for that, you must install Layout Pro Plugin and activate it. 

And the theme options For Pasal eCommerce Lite are:

  • General Options
  • Slider Options
  • Recent Section
  • CTA Section
  • Featured Section
  • Blog Options
  • Product Categories

A. Header Options

From Header Options, you can select 6 different Header layouts for now. (More are coming soon). Likewise, you can Show/Hide Add Image / Video Background, Make Menu Transparent, Make Sticky Menu as well.

B. General Options

From General Options, you can Show/Hide Sidebar and Meta for the blog page. Similarly, you can either select Full-Width Layout or Or Boxed Design Layout.

C. Slider Option

Slider Options lets you add 4-page sliders on the homepage. First, you need to Create Page from Backend. To create a page, Go to Dashboard>Page>Add New Page>Title>Add Content>Featured Image and Click Publish.

Go to Theme Options>Slider Options and select the Title of the page you have just created in order configure it into Slider Page.

D. Recent Selection

This section is to show the title of the products that you have added recently. Add the Section Title and WooCommerce Product Short Codes ([recent_products per_page=”4″ columns=”4″]). This is the default shortcode.

E. CTA Section

You can add Title, Description, Button Title, Button Link and Background Image.

F. Featured products

Add the Title of your Featured Products, and WooCommerce Product Shortcodes ([featured_products per_page=”8″ columns=”4″]). This is Default WooCommerce Shortcode.

G. Blog Options

This Options lets you show the Blog post in the homepage. To assign, first, you need to create a Blog Post. Go to Dashboard>Posts>Add New Post> Add title>Image>Select the format of your Blog Post (If your blog is about video content then select Video in the format section)>Click Publish.

In this way, you can add blog post in the homepage.

For Blog Title,

  • Go to Dashboard>page>Add new Page
  • Then Add the Title of your Page.
  • After that, go to Appearance>Customize>Theme Options>Blog Options

Now, select the title of your Blog Post, that you have created earlier.

It seems like this,

H. Product Categories

First, you need to create Product categories from Backend, then only you can assign it from the Customization. Remember to create Product Categories, you need to activate WooCommerce Plugin.

Go to Admin Dashboard>Poduct>Categories and Start adding categories.

Now go to Add new Products>then, Add title, Description, Image and select the category of your products and then, (you can add product data if necessary) Click Publish.

Now go to Theme Customization>Theme Options>Product Categories>Add Title>Select Category that you have created earlier.

It seems like this,

I. Typography

From this option, you can set the Section Title Font and Body Font of your site.

J. Pre Footer Widget

This option lets you Choose Widget column. 


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