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How to manage Custom eCommerce Add-ons for Elementor?

To use Custom eCommerce Add-ons for Elementor, you need to install “eCommerce Add-ons for Elementor”. Then only you will be able to use its elements.

Let’s check out the functionalities of these elements.

Product Showcase

First, you need to need to Create Product Categories and Add Products.

Click Theme Options to learn Add products, categories, featured and recent products title.

After doing that, simply, Drag and Drop Product Showcase Drag Widget here.

After Drag and Dropping, it appears like this,

On the left-hand side, you can edit the product showcase as your need. You can change, Product Listing LayoutLayout Options, No.of Columns, Number of Products,  Select Product Types and Click Publish. 

You can also Edit the Style of the Section. For that, you need to Click the Section and Edict Section. 

You will get Edit Section Options in the Left-Hand side of the page.

You will get Layout, Style and Advance Option.

Product Tab

This option lets you showcase the Different Product Categories. Drag and Drop the Product Tab and Click on Select Category To Display. Click on the Categories you want to show. You can add more than one Category.

After drag and dropping, it seems like this,

Now Click on the  Select Category To Display, and select the categories, set layouts, Products to Show (sale, Feature, Maximum Sale Products, New Products), No. of Products and No. of products in a Row and Click Publish It appears like this,

If you want to edit section then the process is mentioned above in last of Product Showcase element.

Category Display

From this options, you can create a Custom Call Out and Product Category.

You can create a Custom Call Out, right from the Category Display.

  • Drag and Drop Category Display
  • Select Custom Call Out in Choose to Display
  • Select the Layout and Add Title
  • Add Featured Image, Button Title, and Button Link and Click Publish
  • Edit the Section If you want

For Product Category,

  • Drag and Drop Category Display
  • Select Product Category in Choose To Display
  • Choose Layout

After Selecting Product Category in Choose To Display, it  seems like this,

Small Product Layout

With the help of this options, you can show your products vertically.

  • Drag and Drop Small Products
  • Set Number of Products
  • Select Product Types( Featured, sale Best Selling and so on.) and Click Publish


  • Drag and Drop the Instagram In the Add A widget section.
  • Select the Layout, No of Image to Display, Image Per Row and Instagram User Name (Your Instagram Account must be in Public)
  • Click Publish
  • Edit the Section if you want.

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