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Downloading Theme

For Free Pasal eCommerce Theme

Once you have downloaded a theme, you will receive ” “Theme ZIP File Only”. You need to upload the “Theme ZIP” using theme using “Add New Theme”.

For Add New Theme,

Go to Admin Dashboard>Appearance>Themes>Add New>Activate.

For Premium Pasal eCommerce Theme

Once you have purchased a theme, you will receive an email which contains all the necessary files.

First, open up your email and download the necessary files. Now, remember there are different files available for download.

Let’s take a look at what they all are.

The one that reads “ Theme Package” is a package file. It has the theme, the plugins, and documentation inside it.

***If you have already installed and activated Pasal eCommerce Lite, no need to install Pasal eCommerce Pro, just install Plugins. 


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