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Customizing Theme Options

You should configure customizer options in Customize on admin sidebar. Or you can choose customizer option from Appearance Menu in the dashboard

1.Site Identity

You can add logo, favicon, site title and site tagline from this section.

2. Colors

  • Theme Color: You can choose your favorite color for the theme from color picker.
    • Header Text Color: If you have not uploaded logo then the site title appears in the logo’s place. This is where header text color plays the part. You can change the text of the site title from this option.
    • Background Color: You can change the background color of the site from this option.

3. Theme Options

General Options:

This section has options to customize the layout of the theme ( boxed or fullwidth) and position of the sidebar (left, right or fullwidth) in the home, archive and single pages.

Social Options:

This section allows you to add social media links to your site. You can also enable or disable social media section in the header.

Featured Banner Options:

This section has drop-down of posts from where you can choose one post which will be the featured banner of the site. It the post has video post-format, the thumbnail of the video will be featured, if the pos has gallery post-format then gallery images will be used as a slider. Featured image will be featured in the banner of posts assigned to other post formats.


Blog Posts Options:

This section has two options, “show from latest posts” and “show from the latest category”. If you choose the former then the blog posts will show latest posts and if you choose the later then a category drop-down will appear which allows you to select a category and latest posts related to that category will be displayed in the frontend.

Footer Options:

This section has the option to enable/disable pre-footer section in the site. In addition, you can add footer text and footer link of your site.


Custom CSS:

If you want to tweak your website by adding some of your own CSS then custom CSS is the perfect place.

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