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How to manage Widget Area?

Purplous comes with four custom sidebar widgets for pre-footer area, WooCommerce sidebar for Woocommerce pages, contact sidebar for contact pages and sidebar (default) for other pages

Custom Widgets

Purplous facilitates with three custom widgets,

  • Purplous author block
  • Purplous instagram
  • Purplous recent posts.


Purplous Author Block

This widget allows you to display a specific author’s detail in frontend by letting you choose among authors (administrator or author).

Purplous Instagram

This widget allows you to fetch the feed from a specific Instagram user. You can limit the number of images to be shown, open link in new window or the same and title of the widget. In order to fetch feeds from Instagram account, the account needs to be public.

Purplous Recent Posts

This widget shows recent posts along with the featured images of the posts.

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