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Purplous Custom Post Types

As soon as the Purplous Essentials plugin is installed and activated, six custom post types are created and they are slider, clients, team, portfolio, call outs and testimonial. 


Slider post type allows you to add the slider to the homepage. You can create slider by navigating to the slider post type in the admin dashboard and click add new. Featured image of slider post type will be shown as a slider on the homepage.


Display your client’s logos so your customers can see who you deal with by adding the logos in client post. Add website link to the logo by adding it to website field.


Team post type allows you to add your company’s team members. You can create a team member by navigating to “Team Member” post type in the admin dashboard and clicking “Add New”. Team Member’s designation, Facebook link, twitter link, LinkedIn link, YouTube link, email address and website can be added on the back end. Nothing is displayed if the fields are left blank.


Portfolio post type is useful if you wish to show your company’s portfolio. You can create a portfolio by navigating to “portfolio” in the admin dashboard and click add new. In the tabbed layout of the portfolio assigning categories to the post displays only selective posts in filter option.

Call Out

Callout post type helps you to add your company’s services. You can create services by navigating through “callouts” in the admin dashboard and clicking “add new”.

You can add service icon by adding font awesome class. The button text and link to be assigned can be set through button text and button link field.


Easily show your customers testimonials and reviews with the ‘Testimonials’ post type. Add the customer’s company name and link to the company from ‘Company’ and ‘Website’ fields.

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