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Customizing Theme Options

You should configure Theme options in Customize on admin sidebar. Or you can choose customizer option from Appearance Menu in the dashboard.

The theme options panel lets you configure the overall impression of your website.

There are following sections under this panel.

Header Options

Header options let you hide or show search icon in the menu, gives you three menu layout options as shown in the screenshot.


Social Options

Social options let you add social icons, email id, phone number in the header and in the footer of your site. You can also show or hide the social section in header or footer.


Banner Options

Banner options let you choose banner type of the site be it slider, image or video banner. Banner title and description can also be added along with the image or video. You can show or hide gradient overlay in the banner image, video or slider.


Intro Options

Intro options allow you to choose an introduction page which will be shown below the site’s banner.


Stats Options

This section lets you add maximum four titles and their numbers on your site. You can also add the background image to this section.


Features Options

Features section lets you add title, limit number of features post type posts and change the layout of this section.


Video Options

You can upload video or add YouTube/Vimeo video link in this section. A play button is shown which when clicked the video pops up. Title, description and background image also can be added.


Mid Section Options

This section comes below the video section in the homepage, where you can add title and choose category of the post which will be shown as slider.


Accommodation Options

This option lets you manage accommodation section which is next to the mid-section in the homepage. You can add title and limit number of accommodation post type in this section.


Instagram Options

The Instagram section in the homepage comes into play after you add a username from this option. You can add background image, title for this section and limit number of images to be displayed.

Note: The instagram account needs to be public.


Testimonial Options

You can limit the number of testimonial posts, change type of pagination (numerical or bullet) and change the font color of text from this option.


Call to Action Options

The call to action options lets you choose the layout of the call to action section. You can choose image or video as background, add title, description, button text and button link.


Footer Options

You can choose between two column or three column footer, only text, only menu and both text and menu from this option. It lets you add footer text, developed by text and developed by link of your site.


Booking Options

This option lets you add name which will be displayed in sent mail, email where the booking is sent and message which will be sent after the confirmation.


Weather Options

Weather option lets you add the google API key for weather and location.

Contact Page Options

This option lets you enable contact form, add map source and other contact information like contact title, address, phone number, mobile/skype, email and web URL.


Newsletter Options

This option lets you choose MailChimp or campaign newsletter. You have to add API and List ID for MailChimp



From this option, you can change section title, paragraph, heading, widget title, navigation font family and text color.


Show/Hide Options

This option lets you show or hide intro, stats, video, mid-section, accommodation, Instagram, testimonial, CTA and pre-footer section in the homepage.

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