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Configuring WordPress Settings

Setting Homepage

You can adjust WordPress settings as follows:

  • First go to the admin dashboard and hover to the page and click on“ add new page”. Then create a page called “Front Page” and assign “home” page template and click on save.

  • You can set Site Title in Settings > General.
  • You can set Blog pages to show at most in Settings > Reading.
  • You can select Front Page and Posts Page in Settings > Reading.


Note: You must select the “Front Page” page created above as the static page under reading settings to display the theme’s front page.

  • You can set Discussion settings in Settings > Discussion.
  • You can change image sizes in Settings > Media.
  • You should ensure that a non-default permalink setting is selected, e.g. Post name in Settings > Permalinks.


To create pages navigate to the page in the admin dashboard and click add new.

There are various page templates that you can assign a page to.

  • Default Template (default page)
  • Blank container – for visual composer
  • Contact page – a contact page template
  • Gallery – a gallery page template
  • Home– front page


To add posts, go to admin dashboard, hover on posts and click on add new. You can add title; content, categories, tags and featured image and click on save. Post formats can also be chosen, say, standard, image, video, and gallery

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