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Customizing Theme Options

Theme options is an essential option for the theme.

Go to Appearance>Customize>Theme options

Further, it has a further 6 options.

  • Banner Options
  • Blog Options
  • Call to Action Sidebar Options

Theme options contain 4 settings for the theme which need to be adjusted in order to make a demo website. It is explained below one by one.

Banner Options

First, go to Admin DashBoard>Customize>Appearance>Theme Options then Banner Options.

After that, you need to create pages for Banner. For that,

  • Go to Admin DashBoard> Page>Add New Page
  • Add title, description and Featured Image.

After creating a page,  then go to backend, select the page you have just created.

Find a Job Link

To find a job link, copy the slug from permalink of the page you have just created.

Click Find a Job,

Post a Job Link

For this, you need to create a page from the backend just like before.

After that, copy that permalink and paste it to the “Post a Job Link”.

Click Post a Job Link, it appears like that,

**Note:– In order to use the Find a Job and Post a Job functionality, you must install WP Job Manager Plugin. 

Blog Options

From here, you can hide/show blog on the home page. Then add title, select the category that you want to show in the blog. Then choose the number of Meta Excerpt Length, Disable/Enable Show Metas, and Arthur Image.

Call to Action

Create a page from Admin Dashboard>Page>Add New Page>Add Title>Description>featured> And Click Publish. After that, Add button Click.

Sidebar Options

From here you can only show and hide Sidebar in the homepage.

But to create a sidebar, first, you have to go the Admin Dashboard>Appearance>Widgets

Now simply drag and drop available widgets to the sidebar.





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