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Customizing Theme Options

The demo of the front page can be further divided into following sections. You should navigate to Appearance > Customizer > Theme Options and find the similar settings for the sections listed below.

Theme Options

Theme options is the essential option for the theme. Further, it has 6 Options.

And the theme options are:

  • General Options
  • Banner Options
  • Listing Section
  • CTA Options
  • Blog Options
  • Single Page Listing Options

The screenshot for theme options:

Theme options contain 6 settings for the theme which need to be adjusted in order to make a demo website. It is explained below one by one.

General Options

First, go to Theme Options. Then you will see General Options on the very first. Click it and you will find an option.

Banner Options:

For Banner Option, first, go Theme options. Click on Banner Options.

Step 1: Add Banner title, Description and Background Image and Click Publish.

Listing Section

Click Theme Options and then go to Listing Section. There you can set Listing Title and Description.

From Listing Section, you can only add title and description. So, in order to list the attraction and activities you need to set it from “Listing Options” and for that, you need to activate WP Job Manager Plugin.

Step 1: Go to listing and click Add New

Step 2: Enter your listing name, description, listing data, set category, image and click publish.

CTA Options

First, go Admin Dashboard, then create a page from Page.

Step 1: Set Title, and description

Step 2: In Page Attributes, select About the Tests in Parent section and Click Publish.

Now go to Appearance, then customize, and select theme options then, CTA Options.

Step 1: Select the page that you have created earlier from the backend

Step 2: Add button text and link

Step 3: Click Publish

Blog Options

First, create a post from Dashboard then go to blog options which is right on the theme options and select Blog.

From Customization,

*Remember you need to select Blog in the post page which is right on the DashBoard>Settings>Readings>Your Homepage Display

Single Page Listing Options

To set Contact Form, first, click on any listing. After clicking, it will assign it to a single page listing site. On the right bar where you will see the contact form.

To list there, first, go to dashboard and click Contact (Note Down you need to install Contact Form 7 plugin for that). Right after that, set Contact form shortcode, you need to copy and paste it contact form shortcode later in single page listing options. Again, add contact form field and click save.

Right after that go to Theme Options, then Single Page List Options.

Step 1: Paste the shortcode that you have created earlier

Step 2: Set title

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