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Customizing Theme Options

The demo of the front page can be further divided into following sections. You should navigate to Appearance > Customizer > Theme Options and find the similar settings for the sections listed below.

1.1 Theme Options

Theme Options are the essential option for the theme. Further, it has 2 Options.

And the theme options are:

  • General Options
  • Listing Section

The screenshot for theme options:

Theme options contain 2 settings for the theme which need to be adjusted in order to make a demo website. It is explained below one by one.

1.1.1 General Options

First, go to Theme Options. Then you will see General Options. Click it and you will find an option. Listed as: –

  • Reset all Default Settings

1.1.2 Listing Section:

For Listing Section first, go Theme options. Click on Listing Section.

First, you need to get access token for Map Layout. Click given click.

That link will direct you to this site, then Sign Up to get the access token.

After signing up, this page appears. There you can see the Access Token Code. Now Copy and paste it.

Now you can select Map Layouts.

It appears like this, you can either click search from the banner section or from Menu

Or From Menu> Listing>Listing Archive Page (Map Layout)

It appears like this,

How to add the list?

First of all, you need to install WP Job Manager Plugin, then only you can use Listing Section.

After that, you need to create Job Region, Categories, and Job Tags

First, go to Job Regions,

The process is the same for Categories and Job Tags,

For Job Tags,

Now steps to list,

Step 1: Click listing and then click Add New Listing

Step 2: Enter the title of the list then Description

Step 3: Select Job Region, Categories and Job tags that you have created earlier

Step 4: Then add Feature Image,

Step 5: Add Listing Data as shown in the image below

Step6: Add gallery Image (You need to add minimum 3 images)

Step 7: When you set the location in listing data, the Custom field appears itself

Step 8: Click Publish.

When everything is done it appears like this,

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