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How to manage Widget Area?

From Widget area you can set Sidebar, Single Page Sidebar, and Footer Area.

  • Sidebar

Sidebar is in the Archive page of any post.

It appears in the pages or posts.

Step 1: Click on the Sidebar, where you can Add widgets as you prefer.

Step 2: Add Title and Select No. of Post, if necessary.

Step 3: You can simply Drag and Drop to arrange the widgets.

It appears like this,

  • Single Page Listing Sidebar

It appears on the Single Listing Page. It shows Business Hours, Galleries, Social Links, and User Profile. If you want to add more then drag and drop widgets from Available Widgets.

Click on the arrow sign to see the widgets, then add Title and Message.

It appears like this,

  • Footer Widget

Click on each Footer Widget 1 and set Title, Description and click save. Repeat the same process on Footer Widget 2, 3 and 4.

To add Footer Widget Simply Drag and Drop Available Widgets to the Footer Widget Sections.

Repeat the same Process on other Footer Widgets as well, it appears like this,

Here in our Demo site, we created the Footer Area with Elementor Plugin.

Steps 1: Click Add Section and Click any Layout.

Steps 2: Start Adding Elements.

Steps 3: Write Title Contents then

Steps 4: Click Update.

When you click Add New Section, you can select the different structure

I picked 4 Column structure, Drag and Drop “Heading Element” From Elementor on each column,

After dropping, you can add Title, Font Size, and Style.

Repeat the Same process on another column as well. Now again Drag and Drop “Icon List” element from Elementor.

It seems like this,

Now Click on each List item, then Add Title, Icon and repeat the same steps on other as well.
You can change Font Size, Color Typography as your wish. After finishing all the steps, it seems like this,

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